Trigger Thumb From Cell Phone Scrolling

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"Smartphone thumb" is plaguing more people, doctors say

The pain that comes from the repetitive movements of texting has been dubbed "smartphone thumb" by doctors. It's actually tendinitis, when the tendon that bends and flexes the thumb becomes inflamed.

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Lots of ways to fix this but here is a self taping idea to help when the Thumb is becoming irritated from constant scrolling or hitting the space bar. Focus

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How to Trigger Anything from Anywhere with Just a Phone

Upload the program and open the serial monitor. You will see a string of numbers that vary when you cover the LDR with your hand. Place the phone in a box with the LDR and take a baseline reading of the sensor value. Call the phone so that the screen lights …

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Trigger Thumb John Erickson, MD

Trigger thumb is a common hand condition, and it occurs possibly more frequently with the use of smart phones and tablets. Symptoms occur when there is catching between the flexor tendon of the thumb and the sheath which surrounds the tendon. Instead of gliding smoothly through the sheath, the flexor pollicis longus (FPL) tendon can meet resistance within […]

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Question: Q: Scrolling Caller ID and when calling numbers

(222) 222-2222Actually, the phone number would fit without scrolling, but they always show +1 in front of the phone number for some reason. So it always shows +1 (222) 222-2222 and it has to scroll. If it only showed (222) 222-2222, then it would fit without scrolling. I don't know why they are putting +1 in front of the number.

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How do I manage the pain of ‘texting thumb’? The Globe

Tap. Scroll. Swipe. Type. Your thumbs do a lot of work when you use your phone. And if you’re starting to feel pain at the base of your thumbs and in your wrists, these digits are probably

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Trigger finger Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

How to recognize and treat trigger finger. The number of Trigger Finger cases continue to rise in a society bombarded with techno-gadgets like cell phones, video games, computers and personal data devices; all which cause extensive overuse of the finger flexors and the resulting injury.

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Me and My Numb Thumb: A Tale of Tech, Texts and Tendons

Eventually, my right thumb just stopped working. It could not muster the strength to press down on my phone. It was both numb and achy. And the …

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Cybersickness causes nausea while scrolling on phones and

Phenomenon causes nausea while scrolling on phones and watching action films 'Cybersickness' is a digital version of motion sickness from screens Up to …

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24 hidden Android settings you should know about

Then, instead of moving the cursor within the text box itself, place your finger on the space bar. Tap and drag left or right on the spacebar to move the …

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What causes trigger thumb? Medscape

Lange-Riess D, Schuh R, Hönle W, Schuh A. Long-term results of surgical release of trigger finger and trigger thumb in adults. Arch Orthop Trauma Surg . …

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Trigger Finger – Common Problem, Simple Cure Orthopaedic

Trigger finger is one of the most common problems hand surgeons encounter. The medical term for the condition is stenosing tenosynovitis of the flexor sheath. People who have it notice tightness and a popping or clicking when they flex – or open – their fingers. In severe cases, the hand or affected finger becomes locked in […]

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How to Tell if Your Phone Has Been Cloned Techlicious

Either way, someone having control over your phone service means they can do things like trigger a forgotten password, receive a two-factor authentication code to the phone number

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How to Cure Trigger Finger: 10 Steps (with Pictures) wikiHow

Trigger finger (also called stenosing tenosynovitis) occurs when inflammation builds up within a tendon of a finger and causes it to involuntarily flex. If the condition is severe, the finger gets stuck in a bent position and sometimes makes a snapping sound when forcibly straightened -- sort of like cocking the trigger of a gun, which explains the name.

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Use your smartphone for slideshow presentations TechRepublic

With Android phones, most of which have microSD cards, you can also transfer the files from your computer to the card (if your computer has an SD card reader) and then onto the phone

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Trigger Finger Surgery Recovery Time 5 Pieces Of Advice

Trigger Finger Rehab – What to Expect. Duration of the recovery generally takes some weeks, but it varies from patient to patient. When finger contractures develop, recovery may take longer. A period of two to three months is usual during trigger finger recovery time, although some patients may need six months to recover.

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How to Treat Trigger Finger; 10 Home Remedies for Fast Relief

Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to 1 glass of warm water. Drink the solution 2 to 3 times a day to get relief from the symptoms of trigger finger. Do this for a few weeks or until you notice positive results. You can also apply the vinegar to the affected area and massage for a few minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the treatment for a trigger thumb?

Physical therapy is another great treatment option for trigger thumb because it helps fix the problem of mobility. Physical therapists use a variety of different techniques to help with your trigger thumb depending on who you see. A therapist will work with you on stretches, exercises, and other treatment techniques.

How do you cure trigger finger?

Since trigger finger is caused by inflammation of the tendon, stretching out these muscles and tendons is an effective way to help alleviate the stiffness that is causing the problem. Hot and cold therapy is another way to help treat trigger finger in combination with stretching.

What is the best medicine for trigger finger?

The most common treatment of trigger finger is with an injection of steroids (cortisone) into the tendon sheath. The cortisone often decreases swelling sufficiently to restore normal mechanics. Usually, a single cortisone injection will resolve the problem at least temporarily.

How do you get trigger finger?

Causes of Trigger Finger. Most of the time, it comes from a repeated movement or forceful use of your finger or thumb. It can also happen when tendons -- tough bands of tissue that connect muscles and bones in your finger or thumb -- get inflamed. Together, they and the muscles in your hands and arms bend and straighten your fingers and thumbs.

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